Ski Tips From Jonny Mosley

Skiing with Olympic gold medalist, Jonny Moseley during a “ski with a pro” day in Tahoe certainly shines as a highlight for 2013. Hopefully, you too can benefit from these helpful tips our local ski star.unnamed1. “Be one with your ankles” Control your skis through your ankles rather then using the brute force of your knees and hips.
2.  Arm positon: Swing your arms in front of you as you jump up in the air.  When you land, notice how your arms land in front of you in an active position.  This is where your arms belong when skiing.
3. When you plant your pole, “flick your wrist” out at a 45 degree angle (Jonny learned this from another fellow ski Olympian).
4. Pull your uphill ski back with your hamstring, keeping your tip in contact with the snow.
5. “Thrust” your pelvis through the turn to prevent sitting back on your skis.
6. Keep the tibia angles the same on both skis.

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