Travel Guidelines for a Healthy Back


Summer is a time where many people seek relaxation from life’s daily stresses through vacation.  Unfortunately, the journey to a relaxing getaway can be a lot of work, both physically and mentally.  Don’t let your travels cause you pain by following these simple  travel guidelines….


Tips for plane travel:

– Sit with your back against the seat, both feet flat on the floor
– If planning to sleep on the plane; have a good supportive neck pillow.
– When lifting luggage into the overhead, brace your abdiominal mucles and keep your chin tucked inwards to avoid hyper-extension of the neck and back;
-Ask for help if your bag is too heavy (or better yet, think ahead and check it at the gate….)
– When waiting at the airport;  stand up and walk around to get some movement.
– To reduce potential blood clots and joint stiffness, perform leg circulation exercises throughout the flight (i.e, Pump ankles by pointing/flexing foot, heel raises seated or standing, calf stretches, bend and straighten knees)
– Choose the aisle seat if possible and get up and walk when allowed

Tips for Traveling by Car:
– Sit with your back against the seat, both feet flat on the floor and your head against the head rest.
– Use a lumbar support pillow (as seen in picture) if your car seat does not feel supportive enough.
– Have your seat tilted slightly downward towards your feet to encourage more of a neutral spine alignment.
– Stop for breaks frequently every 1-2 hours if possible.
– On breaks; walk around for a couple mins, and stretch legs (calf stretch, quad stretch).

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